• When organizations succeed it is because its people know what they do and why they do it.  We say such an organization has “purpose.”

    When organizations succeed it is because its people know what they do and why they do it.
    We say such an organization has “purpose".

  • While “finding your purpose” may sound like a nebulous buzzword,
    it’s actually a viable way to revolutionize organizations and the workforce that powers them.

  • When you enter a place where people are purposeful it is palpable.They want to come to work
    and do their job, because they derive meaning from it.

The Need

All organisations start to solve a human problem but at times in their growth journey move away from their initial purpose. By focusing on a purpose for existence, a conscious business can inspire, engage and energise its stakeholders.

However, while we have measurements about employee satisfaction, bottom line, topline, brand, culture etc., currently there is no measurement that exists to see if organizations articulate, exist and get perceived as existing for a higher purpose.
- Having a sense of purpose in the job means that an employees work makes positive contributions to the world, beyond earning a paycheck or improving the company’s bottom line. If employees feel that their work has purpose, might that add years to the life of their organisation?.

- In organizations, what we measure is what we could improve, so isn't there a need to articulate and live our higher purpose and make this initiative tangible by measuring an organisation's higher purpose index?.
Employees, customers and public trust and love companies that have an inspiring purpose. Keeping this goal in mind, HPI is an initiative driven by the ODA (Organisation Development Alternatives) to help organisations to first be aware and in the process operate from their higher purpose.

Higher Purpose Index will help organisations to connect, re-connect and live their purpose thus making work, workplaces and workers work better. When organisations articulate and demonstrate their higher purpose in their day to day actions work will be more meaningful, sustainable, and profitable growth will get accelerated.


Certification Steps -
The three pillars we measure to see where your organization is


How HPI is measured:
To know the Higher Purpose Index for your organization

1. First STEP
The first step is to examine the Vision/Mission/Purpose statement of the organization. Does that articulate a purpose? Our research team will examine this and there is a weightage given to how well organization purpose is articulated.
2. Second Step
The second step is to examine the inner working of the organization to see how the articulated purpose/vision is translated into actions. This is where organizations struggle. Our questionnaire collects the data from random employees to see how the organization’s purpose is reflected in strategy, goals and leadership behaviors.
3. Third Step
The third step is to collect public perception about the organization to see if the perception is aligned with the articulated purpose statement. This is done through data mining from social media sites and allowing public to vote for the participating organizations.